Thursday, October 30, 2014

Memory Jar Lamps…Shhh They're Christmas Gifts For My Daughters!

I have been wanting to make these memory jar lamps for both my daughters for a long time now. Courtney is living in her own apartment and Kelsie is working in Disney World, so the house is free to make things and put together gifts without anyone seeing them. I just have to keep them away from this blog and my facebook page. Lol

Do you remember this post I did a long time ago about hardware storage drawers? Click HERE if you want to visit that post. We bought these drawers for each of the girls when they were little to keep all their memorabilia and collectibles in.

memory jar lamps

Tooth Fairy money and the notes they wrote to her when they lost a tooth…

Collectibles from Disney trips and the ever popular rock and gem stone collection.

The memories in those drawers and the things I have saved for them too over the years are now in here!!!

A Memory Jar Lamp!!!

memory jar lamps

I bought both girls a fillable lamp at Target for $25.00 each. No lampshade though and boy are lampshades pricey.

memory jar lamps

Come on in a take a walk down memory lane with me…

I also have another idea if you don't want to use a lamp.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Use a Paper Towel Holder For Your Bracelets...

I was roaming through the clearance section at TJ Maxx and couldn't resist this $5.00 paper towel holder. I knew just what I was going to use it for too!!

paper towel bracelet holder

paper towel bracelet holder

It is perfect to hold all of my daughter Kelsie's bracelets!!

Keeps them all in one place and easy to see. The crystal knob on top adds a little bling too.

paper towel bracelet holder

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this brings a little inspiration for other uses.

Have a great day,

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recycled Men's Shirt to Super Cute Apron...

Hi Everyone! I've been cleaning out closets over the last couple months and most all of the clothes have gone to charity. There were some things that just need to go to the trash, but I saved them and "upcycled" them to useful things for around the house.

My husband's shirts were some of the things that I saved. They are worn out and sad, but perfect for aprons. I've seen these on Pinterest and wanted to give them a try.

Here's the before...

recycled men's shirt apron

Here is the after…

recycled men's shirt apron

Just a few minutes of sewing and you're done. Come on in and see!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Make Baby Spoon Washcloth Lollipops...

I wanted to share a quick post on how to make these cute little washcloth lollipops. I've been making them for years as a decoration on top of a baby gift box, but they would also be perfect to add to a bath time themed baby gift basket.

Here they are tied in a little bundle. Sorry for the busy background. I had to do this on my ironing board near a window for better light.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

 You will need…

  • baby spoons
  • baby washcloths
  • small plastic bags
  • twist ties
  • ribbon

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

Take washcloth and roll it up the length of the cloth.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

You could add a second contrasting cloth that is also rolled up. I just used a single.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

Now roll it up like a cinnamon bun. lol

Place a small piece of tape to hold the end secure.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

To make it a lollipop, place the roll on top of the spoon.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

Use a clear bag according to the size of your lollipop.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

Wrap it up, twist tie to secure and add a ribbon.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

If you are making several, you can bunch them together and add one ribbon for all.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

A bunch of lollipops or a bouquet of flowers!!

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

I added mine to the baby I Spy quilt that I made for a gift.

baby washcloth spoon lollipops

Perfect little gift for a perfect little baby!!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Winner of the Fun at the Fair Book...

Thank you to everyone who enter the giveaway for the Fun at the Fair sewing book by Melly and Me. I used the Number Generator to pick the winner.

Congratulations to Maggey…

Maggey, I'll email you and connect you to the publisher, so they can get your information.

Thanks again to all of you,

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sew Darn Crafty Linky Party…October Theme

Hi everyone! It's time for another October theme party. I just loved all the links you shared for last week's party, so I know this week's party is going to be even better!!

October themes…
  • Halloween crafts 
  • Halloween costume ideas
  • soup recipes
  • pumpkin recipes
  • fall decorating ideas or crafts 
  • and I'll still keep…any handmade gift ideas we can make for Christmas ( that's always an ongoing process)

If you don't have any theme ideas to post this week, you can share any idea that you have on your blog. We love any project or idea that you can add to the party. If you have older posts from previous years
that are in the theme, you can add those too. Add as many as you'd like!!

If you've never linked to Sew Darn Crafty, each week I start a new party where bloggers can add their own posts below for ALL to see!! It brings lots of traffic to your blog. You can add any project you'd like…cooking, crafting, scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, gardening, vacation ideas etc. It so much fun to see what everyone is up to each week. This party would be nothing without all of you, so a great big THANKS to all of you who contribute.

If you are new to visiting linky parties…just come on in and click on any picture box below and it will bring you to that post that someone has shared!! There are always so many wonderful ideas…don't miss out.

So let's get started this week!!

Come on in and join the fun!!!
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